Specialized services for the advanced service sector
Creation Date: 2001
Employees: 2
Via Mascagni, 70
62015 Monte San Giusto (MC)
Phone: 0733 837524
Fax: 0733 838210

Studio Botta & Associati designs and provides highly specialized services for the advanced service sector.

We research, design, and develop solutions and applications for the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of products, processes, systems, and buildings. A unique representative for both private and public businesses, we are a valuable partner capable of providing the necessary organizational and management support during growth and change by improving productivity and the spread of the “culture of quality” of products and services.

Our elements of success are the high specialization and professionalism of the entire team: motivated professionals with specific expertise who work closely with clients to analyze needs in order to reach the established goals, periodically monitoring the effective benefits achieved. With expertise, professionalism, and promptness.