Creation Date: 1840
Via Montefanese 114/116
60027 Osimo (AN)
Phone: 071 714536
Fax: 071717844

The Molino Bianchi was founded by Eugenio Bianchi in 1840. Eugenio's dream was to make flour and that his son Giuseppe Francesco consolidated in 1911 transforming the mill into millstones in a more modern mill powered by electricity.

Molino Bianchi has for generations been synonymous with quality and genuineness in the production of soft wheat flours, which provide the right answer to an increasingly demanding market. The wide range of products guarantees optimal performance both in terms of quality and yield, with consolidated results over time, thanks to the collaboration with master bakers, confectioners, pizza makers, chefs and pasta makers.

Molino Bianchi has existed for over 150 years and although it gives the same traditional stamp to the product, it makes use of continuously evolving production processes and structures.