Poultry meat producer
Employees: 1600
Cerrete Collicelli n° 8
62011 Cingoli (MC)
Phone: 0733.606.211
Fax: 0733.606.239

The Fileni company was founded by Giovanni Fileni in Monsano, Marche, on January 28th, 1940. In 1965 he began experimenting with the first system of breeding poultry in the countryside of Monsano. One year later he built the first shed for the breeding of 5,000 chickens to sell door to door to the housewives of Vallesina. In 1967, in Jesi, with the help of his wife Rosina, he opened the first direct sales shop for chickens.

Within 14 years, the shops became 48 and the breeding sheds 15, for a total of 21,000 square meters. In 1968 the first slaughterhouse was built. At the end of the eighties, Giovanni Fileni intuits and interprets, before others, the transition from retail to mass distribution. In 2008, Fileni took an important step in its expansion by starting up production in the new Castelplanio plant.