Production of extra virgin organic olive oils
Via San Vito, 12
60037 Monte San Vito (AN)
Phone: + 39 071 740386
Fax: +39 071 740424

Fattoria Petrini is a family-owned company that produces precious extra virgin olive oil with olives from the olive groves owned by the municipality of Monte San Vito, about 20 km from Ancona, the regional capital of the Marche region.

The company is located on the hill "SAN VITO", known since the times of the ancient Romans for its climate and its position particularly favorable to the cultivation of the olive tree. The existence of centuries-old olive trees shows how important this hill was for the socio-economic development of the peoples who populated it, dedicated, since ancient times, to the production of an oil of rare goodness. A mill of the '600 is still preserved today in Monte San Vito with the powerful stone mill and large wooden presses.