Social-health assistance
Creation Date: 1979
Employees: 2300
Via Saffi, 4
60121 Ancona (AN)
Phone: 071 501031
Fax: 071 50103206

They are a social cooperative which strives for care, assistance and promotion of the individual.

They recognise to each of us the fundamental right to have a fair quality of life; for this, they study, specialise and work every day with healthcare and self-care professionals.

For their, every person is unique: to protect him/her is our primary objective, so our motto is“at the heart of our Coossmos is YOU”.

They are involved in social, healthcare, welfare and education services, for all those who request or need them: from infants to elderly people, from immigrants to students. They have always been interested in  research and training, as well as in the integration and social contribution in the territory (mainly in the Marche region), in order to secure  a job for our associates.