Trevalli Cooperlat is today a great agro-food reality: among the first companies in the dairy industry in Italy and increasingly important abroad
Creation Date: 1982
Via Piandelmedico, 74
60035 Jesi (AN)
Phone: +39 0731.2381
Fax: +39 0731.205455

Made up of agricultural co-operatives that bring together 2500 farmers working in 7 different regions of Italy. Trevalli Cooperlat controls the supply of the milk to be transformed into finished products. Today, Trevalli Cooperlat is a great agricultural-alimentary reality: amongst the most important businesses in the field of dairy-cheese industries in Italy and is ever more important abroad.

With 2 main product lines characterised by the TreValli Cooperlat Group trademarks, associated with local tradition, and Hoplà, market leader in the field of vegetable-based creams.

Its business structure, is, furthermore, articulated in a system of local businesses that are controlled and co-ordinated at a central level, thus permitting the development of competition through commercial, production and distribution synergies, favouring branch integration.

A high level of autonomy is retained by each singly entity, and this, together with careful attention being paid to local productions and regional markets and the study of ever more popular innovative products, has allowed the group to increase business transformation and commercialisation strength.