Protection and representation of industrial problems of the Marche Region
Creation Date: Il 1 luglio 1970
Via Filonzi, 11
60131 Ancona (AN)
Phone: 071 2855120

On 1st July 1970, one of the first regional organizations representing the manufacturing and service companies of Confindustria was named the Regional Federation of the Marches Industrialists, with the four Industrial Associations of Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Macerata and Pesaro Urbino as members. Since 1970 Confindustria Marche has been more structured, increasing the number of staff employed, updating its Statute, increasing its business and changing its logo in compliance with that of Confindustria Nazionale. Confindustria give to the Organization a tangible emblem of identity and the choice falls. In 1923, on the image of an eagle above a toothed wheel.

With the emblem of the eagle, which since ancient times expresses strength and independence, we want to symbolize the propulsive role of the system of factories and the pride of the entrepreneurs, protagonists of the industrial take-off. With the gear wheel, however, we represent the work activity whose symbol. Subsequently, the Italian Republic also used in the emblem of to depict the principle of the first article of the Constitution, or that "Italy is a Republic founded on work ".