Creation Date: 1977
Employees: 125 Stamira, 29
60122 Ancona (Ancona)
Phone: 071 202987
Fax: 071 56314

The Italian Cultivators Confederation (CIC) was founded in December 1977 to respond to the growing demand for farmers' units. In 1992, during the fifth congress, the confederation changed its name and assumed that of the Italian Farmers Confederation (CIA).

The CIA is a professional organization, committed to building a strong and quality agriculture, able to value all resources, to be competitive on the market and to help determine the balanced progress of society.

It also provides businesses and citizens with the following services:

  • Patronage INAC: welfare assistance, accident assistance, assistance to civil disabled, assistance to immigrant citizens, medical and legal advice services;
  • CAF CIA: tax assistance (ISE, ISEE, 730, RED models);
  • CAA: assistance to producers in the preparation of cultivation and production declarations, applications for admission to community, national and regional benefits and control of the formal regularity of declarations by entering their data into the information system;