Confartigianato gives tailor-made answers to craftsmen and small businesses
Via S. Pietro, 53/B 62019 Recanati
62019 Recanati (MC)
Phone: 0721 1712501

For almost 70 years Confartigianato Imprese Ancona - Pesaro and Urbino is at the side of the micro and small enterprises of the territory and, thanks to a flexible structure and professional competence of its collaborators, offers high quality services at the offices located in the main economic centers and productive of the district.

Artisans, small entrepreneurs, traders, self-employed and professionals. Entrepreneurial figures that cover all the productive and service sectors are recognized in Confartigianato. The Association addresses and solves trade union, administrative, tax, credit and company management problems and is able to meet every need of entrepreneurs: a fundamental support to compete and grow in a global and constantly evolving market. with innovative services.

Confartigianato, thanks to the know-how and credibility built up over many years of history and presence in the social and institutional fabric of our territory, also offers incentives and offers interventions to improve the development model of the entire local community.