Creation Date: 2014
Employees: 7
via Ranieri, 65
60128 Ancona (AN)

Biomedfood S.r.l. is a Spinoff of the Marche Polytechnic University and an innovative start-up that deals with research and development and consulting in the field of nutrition. The company is founded by six young researchers - 5 Biologists and a Food Technologist - and an Ordinary Professor of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, with specific and complementary skills in the field of nutrition, derived from a long and intense scientific research activity. The company operates with agri-food companies and in synergy with public and private institutions, providing services in the nutritional field, in order to sensitize the population towards a healthy and correct diet.

Our Vision is to maintain good health and to prevent diseases through nutrition. Our Mission is to combine scientific research at a high level and the development of nutritionally healthy and balanced products.

Improvement of nutritional quality of food products:

  • Laboratory test for the assessment of stability, efficacy and bioavailability of functional foods, foodstuffs and supplements
  • Pilot studies and clinical trials to test the efficacy of new food products and supplements
  • Design and development of innovative functional health foods
  • Drafting of balanced menus suitable for specific nutritional needs for collective catering (canteens)
  • Corporate projects for information and training courses for employees on healthy eating for the wellbeing of workers
  • Courses on balanced nutrition, waste management in the kitchen, menus for special dietary needs directed to food operators (managers and operators of restaurants such as bars and restaurants)
  • Educational activities and laboratories on food education in schools of all levels
  • PROJECT "EAT & OUT" THE READY MEALS THAT YOU TAKE CURE FOR YOU: With the collaboration of a licensee company we have developed a line of nutritionally balanced ready meals, complete and practical, aimed at all those who, for work or personal needs , are forced to eat outside the home but want to be sure to consume a healthy meal designed by experts in nutrition.