Legacoop Marche carries out important institutional functions, representation and services in support of the cooperative world
Creation Date: 23 ottobre 1844
Via S. Totti, 10
60131 Ancona (AN)
Phone: 071 2805882
Fax: 071 2806107

October 23, 1844. This is the date to which the beginning of the cooperative experience is commonly traced.
On the initiative of 28 workers that day, in England, the Society of "Pioneers of Rochdale" was born. The purpose of the company was - in the words of the Pioneers -

"To take measures to ensure the material well-being and improve family and social of members conditions..."

Legacoop Marche is the territorial organization of Legacoop Nazionale which operates in the Marche region, one of the most vibrant economic realities in the country.