The Company must support and promote the development and employment of the area currently affected by the implementation of the Leader + program
Creation Date: 1991
Piazza Baldini n. 1
62021 Apiro (MC)
Phone: 0039-0733-611141
Fax: 0039-0733-611141

The Società Colli Esini S.Vicino, was established in 1991 as a mixed consortium company with limited liability with the launch of the Leader initiative, thanks to a convergence of interest of a public subject, the Comunità Montana del S.Vicino, and an association of private entrepreneurs, ASSIVIP (Interprovincial Association of Fine Wines Producers). Over the years, the Company has significantly expanded its corporate structure, from 44 to 87 shareholders with a consequent capital increase.

The first group of members included 44 subjects (Mountain Community of San Vicino promoter of the initiative, 9 Municipalities, an Inter-communal Consortium, 26 associations of category and producers, representing the agricultural, artisan, cooperative, and cultural sectors, 7 private wineries). During the implementation of the Leader program, there was an initial phase of expansion of the partnership and, with a first capital increase, the company reached 57 members, with the entry of other local authorities and private subjects. At the start of the second phase of Leader, in 1994-95, the Company, intending to act on a wider territory, decided to give life to a new action of animation and sensitization, which ended with a new capital increase. In this phase the Ancona Provincial Administration, the Chamber of Commerce, other Municipalities, companies and associations joined the company, with a widening of the partnership to 70 members. In the course of 2001, given that the LAG intended to continue the experience started also on the occasion of Leader +, there was a further expansion of the corporate base (92 subjects) passing from a public majority to a private majority.

Finally, following an act of transfer of shareholdings, signed on 26 July 2012, the "Esini San Vicino Hills" has 87 members, of which 28 are public and 59 are private.