fruit and vegetables - legumes - cereals – livestock
Piazza del Comune, 1
60027 Osimo (AN)
Phone: +39 339.8736999

The Association "Hortus: the fresh of the Val Musone" is an association of agricultural companies and local authorities that has the aim of enhancing the wide productive basket that characterizes the Val Musone starting from fruit and vegetable productions to those of olive-growing, viticulture, cereal - legumes and animals. The productions of the participating farmers are obtained by adopting integrated cultivation techniques, aimed at respecting the agro-ecological balance and the vocationality of the territory of the Val Musone, while reducing the use of chemical inputs. Companies are required to comply with specific production regulations in line with the regional specifications of integrated production. The companies that make up the association range from small to medium / large and are all operating on the local market, favoring direct marketing forms for each company.

Currently the members that make up the association are:

a) Company members: - AZ. AGRARIA LA CAMPAGNA - Castelfidardo (fruit and vegetables, honey) - AZ. AGR. LORENZETTI GIULIANO - Recanati (Legumes cereals) - AZ. AGR. DOTT.SSA ELENA SPINSANTI - Osimo (fruit and vegetables, cereals) - AZ. AGR. STAFFOLANI PAOLO - OSIMO (Fruit and Vegetables) - Az. AGR G.D. VALMUSONE s.s. - Osimo (fruit and vegetables, legumes, cereals, oil) - AZ. AGR. ZAGAGLIA MARIO "- Osimo (beef) - ISTITUTO MUZIO GALLO - Osimo - Municipality of Osimo

b) Honorary member and scientific technical committee - Marche Polytechnic University - Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences