This organizational structure has become the necessary reference point for any initiative of provincial agriculture
Creation Date: 1897
Viale Trieste, 24
60035 Jesi (AN)
Phone: 0731 21891
Fax: 0731 56015

The origin dates back to 22/07/1897 by a group of 122 farmers in the Province. In 1907, it could have 777 members. At the same time, even in the inland areas of Ancona, particularly in the countryside of Jesi and Vallesina, Father Rinaldo followed the constitution of the agrarian Comari of the Ancona district, with headquarters in Jesi and, later, in 1896, a company arose for the export of agricultural products, which became in 1905 the Sacepa (cooperative agricultural company for the export of agricultural products), under the chairmanship of Professor Eugenio Mazzarini of Jesi. The latter in 1908, already had 153 members.

In 1934, the Consorzio Agrario and Sacepa merged into a single organism Consorzio Agrario Cooperativo of the Province of Ancona. Its activity spread over the whole province, even in the mountainous areas of Sassoferrato, where the Consortium absorbed the local agricultural Club.

The fascist dictatorship and the Second World War, caused serious economic conditions in the Consortium. However, in these difficult conditions, it carried out equally important functions, providing for the storage and distribution of food products.

Through the commitment of managers and employees, the destroyed heritage was quickly rebuilt with more appropriate techniques and modern equipment. This led the Consortium to considerably increase its assets and activities. Following the new law on the Agricultural Consortium, supported by the Minister Segni, n. 1235 of 7 May 1948, which highlighted the Cooperative aspect of the Entity.