The CLAM Agrifood Marche CLAM Association is an aggregation composed of the four Marche Universities (UNIVPM, UNICAM, UNIURB, UNIMC), Research Institutes, companies that are linked to the agricultural, food and fisheries sectors, trade associations and service companies which work together to meet the needs of innovation throughout the entire agri-food chain of the Marche region. This association was founded in March 2015 with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the regional agri-food sector through cooperation and knowledge transfer among the various actors involved in the chain, combining innovation and tradition.

The primary aim of the Agrifood Marche Cluster is to stimulate dialogue among the various partners to promote innovation and increase profitability both in the agricultural and in the entire agri-food chain, including all its components up to distribution and consumption.

Support of Marche Region (S3)

Develop innovative ideas and strategies through dialogue with affiliated companies, making them attractive to regional, national and European projects devoted to innovation both in agriculture and agro-food.
Who we are The Cluster Agrifood Marche Association (ClAM), is an aggregation composed of the 4 universities of the Marche (UNIVPM, UNIMC, UNICAM, UNIURB) and 54 local authorities including research centers, small, medium and large enterprises and trade associations , who work together to meet the needs of innovation along the entire agri-food chain.

In Evidenza

Siamo lieti di informaVi ed invitarVi alla "13th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management", che si terrà presso l'Hotel EGO Via Flaminia, 220, 60126 Ancona (AN), dal 2 al 3 luglio 2018. 

Il tema di cui parlerà la conferenza riguarderà la "Sustainability and Innovation in chains and networks".  Le discussioni si concentreranno sulla creazione di un programma di sosteniblità e innovazione, tenendo conto dei punti di vista sia del mondo accademico che delle imprese. 

Il Cluster Agrifood Marche sarà un partner attivo di tale evento.


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